For over four decades, Cast Rite has been producing high quality aluminum sand castings for their clients, ranging from customers in the Mid-Atlantic region to national clients in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, California, and international clients in Canada, and the UK.


Advantages of Aluminum Sand Casting for Valve and Valve Trims

Aluminum sand castings for valves and valve trim provide robust performance in a lightweight package, making for greater machine efficiency and reliable protection against corrosion. Aluminum also removes heat quickly, allowing assemblies to run cooler.

An Efficient Method

The process of creating sand cast aluminum is similar to aluminum investment casting and aluminum die casting. While aluminum sand casting is one of the oldest techniques for fashioning metal components, it is still one of the most efficient and consistent methods currently available. Sand is packed into a metal flask which is placed around a pattern in the mold. Once the mold is thoroughly packed, and the pattern is removed. The aluminum is poured into the cavity to create the casting or component. The sand is removed, and the excess flashing is removed with an array of finishing equipment. Additional machining, heat treatment, and other processes allow the component to be finished with a high degree of consistency and precision.

Cast Rite's team of skilled technicians has extensive experience in casting aluminum valves and valve trim in many types of aluminum molding processes, including automatic high-speed molding, squeezer molding for smaller to medium quantity orders, roto-lift molding for medium size castings, green sand floor molding for larger castings, no bake molding and cores, pattern making, and core making.

Post Production Capabilities

Post production capabilities include heat treatment and a wide range of finishing methods, including machining, welding, and assembly services. All cast aluminum valves and valve trim are processed and finished to meet the most demanding tolerances.

Cast Rite enjoys repeat business from clients in transportation, medical/pharmaceutical, telecommunications, electrical/lighting, and many more. CRM's diversified manufacturing capabilities enable them to produce competitively priced castings for any industry.

For the Highest Quality Sand Cast Aluminum Valves and Valve Trim, CAST RITE Casts it Right.

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