Working from Cast Rite’s extensive foundry facility in Birdsboro, PA, Cast Rite is an aluminum foundry with over fifty years of experience in the delivery of quality aluminum sand castings, serving customers in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, with clients in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, California, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


The Preferred Metal for Trucks

The use of aluminum sand castings for trucks and truck bodies has expanded considerably in recent years, and more manufacturers are turning to aluminum as the preferred metal choice. Aluminum's strength to weight ratio makes it ideally suited for aluminum castings in trucks and truck bodies, and the reduction in gross weight enables trucks to carry larger payloads.

A Time Honored and Reliable Technique for Custom Castings

The aluminum sand casting process is a time-honored technique for custom aluminum casting and continues to be employed by state-of-the-art foundries for creating precision aluminum castings for trucks and truck bodies. Similar to the process used for aluminum die casting and plaster mold, the prepared sand is compacted around a pattern(s) in a mold. The pattern is then removed from the mold leaving a cavity in the mold where the molten aluminum will be poured. After the metal solidifies in the mold, the casting is then removed from the mold and cleaned with a host of finishing equipment. Additional processes allow aluminum castings for trucks and truck bodies to be finished with a high degree of consistency and dimensional accuracy.

Cast Rite's team of skilled technicians has extensive experience in aluminum sand casting for trucks and truck bodies. In addition to many types of aluminum molding processes, CRM also offers an array of services, including heat treatment and pattern making. A wide range of finishing equipment allows sand cast aluminum alloys to be processed and refined to the most demanding tolerances. Machining aluminum alloys after casting is available, as well as anodized cast aluminum, painting, welding, and more. Cast Rite uses MIL-I-STANDARD-45208 to maintain its quality control systems.

Quality and On Time Delivery for OEMs

Cast Rite specializes in the production of aluminum sand castings for OEMs, and Cast Rite's dedicated staff understands the importance of consistent quality and on time delivery. With OEM clients in transportation, medical/pharmaceutical, telecommunications, electrical/lighting, and many other industries, Cast Rite works closely with their clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

You Can Rely on Cast Rite to Preserve Your Project Details for Future Use

CRM keeps detailed pattern archives for each and every one of their clients' patterns to ensure accountability, which also offers greater efficiency for repeat production orders. Because all projects are unique, different manufacturing services may be required for the most cost effective solution. Our manufacturing diversification allows us to produce competitively priced aluminum castings for trucks and truck bodies to the highest quality available in the market.

If you are involved in the automotive industry, truck and truck body industry, and are looking for an experienced and highly skilled aluminum casting company, CAST RITE is the right answer.

Discuss your needs with one of our friendly customer service representatives and let's get started!