Aluminum castings are employed across a wide range of applications and the lighting industry makes regular use of this highly versatile, strong, and lightweight material. Cast Rite’s diversified manufacturing capabilities allows lighting companies to gain access to a wide range of manufacturing options, from roto-lift molding aluminum castings ranging in size from 30—100 lb, automatic molding for larger quantities, and floor molding for larger size castings. Cast rite is experienced in the production of all types of cast aluminum outdoor lighting and equipment, from small residential fixtures to large, structural light posts.


Aluminum: A Versatile Material for Indoor and Outdoor Environments

The strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant properties of aluminum make it an ideal choice for cast aluminum outdoor lighting and equipment, and green sand aluminum casting is a time honored process for making precision aluminum components. The green sand is packed into and around a pattern placed into a mold. After the pattern is removed, the molten aluminum is poured into an inlet in the green sand mold, and the casting takes the exact shape of the part.

Efficiency is our thing at Cast Rite, and a diversified set of manufacturing capabilities allows us to produce high quality aluminum castings at a competitive price. With clients in the Mid-Atlantic region, national clients in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, California, and international clients in Canada and the UK, you can depend on Cast Rite for cast aluminum outdoor lighting and equipment of the highest possible standard.

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