Many types of medical components and equipment make use of the strong, lightweight properties of aluminum, and this highly useful material is applied in preference to other metals for the many benefits it provides to the operators and end users of the equipment. Examples of cast aluminum medical components and equipment include carts, surgical operating beds, rolling stools, blood and plasma heaters, and a host of other components. Anywhere versatile, cost effective, and heat resistant cast aluminum medical components and equipment are needed, Cast Rite can fill the demand.


Aluminum Casting Is Reliable When Precision Is Crucial for Medical Components

Green sand aluminum casting is one of the oldest, but still one of the most reliable and effective techniques for the manufacture of precision metal components. Similar to aluminum investment casting and aluminum die casting, green sand is used to fill in and around a pattern that is placed into the mold. After the pattern is removed from the mold, molten aluminum is poured into the green sand mold which creates the component. Once the casting is cooled, the casting(s) is removed from the mold. The casting is then blasted and cleaned; Cast Rite can provide secondary operations including additional finishing, welding, and assembly services to bring the component to a high level of finish and consistency.

Efficiency is our thing at Cast Rite. Conveniently located in Birdsboro, PA, Cast Rite provides a diversified set of manufacturing capabilities to produce high quality aluminum castings at a competitive price. Depending on the component size and the volume of components required, Cast Rite is able to offer several options. For example, squeezer molding is used for small runs of components and prototype aluminum castings, automatic high-speed molding is available for larger runs of aluminum castings with core-making capabilities for mass production. Large-sized aluminum castings are produced using green sand floor molding.

Cast Rite has ongoing relationships with OEM clients in the Mid-Atlantic region, national clients in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, California, and international clients in Canada and the UK. Some of these clients are part of the medical industry, and Cast Rite is skilled in the production of precision aluminum castings for medical components and equipment.

If you need cast aluminum medical components and equipment, talk to CAST RITE and expect a higher standard of excellence.