The use of aluminum castings for industrial workstations and machine builders has served to offer revolutionary benefits to their respective industries. Lightweight, high performance cast aluminum can readily replace bulky, heavy, and cumbersome steel structures with cast aluminum industrial workstations and machine builders that offer improved corrosion resistance and strength in a lightweight, easily maneuverable assemblies. Cast aluminum industrial workstations and machine builders also allow components to be more quickly disassembled and reassembled to different locations as needed, speeding logistics.


Flexible, Lightweight, and Versatile, Aluminum Workstations Are an Efficient Solution for Many Industries

At Cast Rite, efficacy is our thing. We take consistency and efficiency very seriously, and our diversified manufacturing capabilities allow us to be competitive with any other aluminum casting company. Our wide range of experience with Original Equipment Manufacturers includes clients in the Mid-Atlantic region, national clients in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, and California, and international clients in Canada and the U.K. allows Cast Rite’s team of skilled technicians are ready to handle any type of aluminum sand casting job, and our cast aluminum industrial workstations and machine builders are cast to the highest standard. While aluminum sand casting is an ancient practice, it is still one of the most effective and efficient methods to fashion precision metal parts. The low melt temperature of aluminum, as well as a host of other advantageous material properties, has made aluminum a preferred choice for many applications, and still more applications are being discovered in industries seeking greater efficiency and convenience.

Cast Rite’s range of aluminum casting options includes methods for handling prototype aluminum castings and small runs of components, such as squeezer molding, and automatic high-speed molding for larger runs of aluminum castings. There are also molding techniques designed for larger sized aluminum castings, such as green sand floor molding, and roto-lift molding for medium-sized aluminum castings. Other molding options include no-bake molding and cores, pattern-making, and core-making. As a full-service aluminum foundry, Cast Rite also provides a full range of post-production treatment and finishing services, including heat treatment for enhanced strength and durability, welding, machining, and assembly.

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