Aluminum is being employed more for critical components because of its competitive price, reliable strength and performance, and relatively less mass than other metal alloys. Cast Rite has played a role in bringing the performance characteristics of cast aluminum alloys to the marketplace. Founded in 1970, Cast Rites has earned a reputation for precision, efficiency, and consistency.


The Advantages and Increasing Popularity of Using Aluminum Castings for Manual Hoists and Pulleys

More manufacturers are turning to aluminum castings for their components, and industrial manual hoists and pulleys made from cast aluminum are often preferred for their light weight, making them far more manageable and maneuverable on a job site. Sand casting industrial manual hoists and pulleys allows precision pulley systems to be readily made and duplicated, with precision fitting of components, along with reliable strength.

The sand casting process is similar to that of aluminum die casting and investment casting. Cast Rite's diversified manufacturing capabilities allows them to quickly respond to the volume of components required, and can provide several molding options depending on the size of the finished component. For example, for prototype aluminum castings and if a small run of components is typically required, squeezer molding may be the most appropriate manufacturing method. If a large run of aluminum castings are required, automatic high-speed molding is often the preferred option.

For molding techniques that are employed for larger sized castings, green sand floor molding may be used, and roto-lift molding may be employed for medium-sized aluminum castings. Additional molding capabilities include no-bake molding and cores, pattern-making, and core-making.

After components are cast, expert technicians finish the parts with an array of finishing equipment. Additional services include heat treatment for enhanced strength and durability, welding, machining, and assembly.

CAST RITE works with a long list of Original Equipment Manufacturers across the country, including clients in Canada and the U.K.

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