Since its founding in 1970, Cast Rite has been meeting the exacting demands of their clients with high quality aluminum sand casting components. Because of its combination of strength and light weight, aluminum is being used with greater frequency for components that were traditionally fabricated in other metals. Aluminum gear housings are especially useful because of aluminum's ability to remove heat quickly. Cast Rite has a well-earned reputation for consistency and efficiency with customers. Cast Rite specializes in meeting the needs of original equipment manufacturers, in addition to casting aluminum gear housings that are needed for all types of equipment.


Aluminum, Found To Be Increasingly Useful for Gear Housings

Aluminum gear housings are created with a time-honored method that has been used to create precision cast components for many years. The component is crafted by making a sand mold with a pattern inside to create a cavity(s) in the mold. After the pattern is removed, the molten metal is then poured in the mold and the casting(s) is subsequently removed.

How Cast Rite Provides Competitive Pricing

One of the reasons Cast Rite can create aluminum castings at a competitive price is its diverse manufacturing capabilities. Cast Rite can create molds for different sized production runs and different sized castings. For example, large runs of cast aluminum components can be achieved with automatic high-speed molding, and squeezer molding can be employed for smaller to medium sized runs.

Flexible Techniques Allow Cast Rite to Quickly Adapt to Your Production Needs

Cast Rite also has the ability to quickly change its molding technique depending on the casting size. For example, roto-lift molding is employed for medium-sized castings, and green sand floor molding may be used for larger aluminum castings. No-bake molding and cores, pattern making, and core making offer additional options for state-of-the art aluminum castings.

Other services include heat treatment to add strength to the aluminum alloy. A complete assortment of finishing equipment and methods allows Cast Rite to meet the MIL-I-STANDARD-45208 for quality in all of its aluminum sand casting.

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