Aluminum is widely used in the electrical industry, and Cast Rite’s extensive experience has been serving OEM customers since its founding in 1970. Conveniently located in Birdsboro, PA, Cast Rite has customers in the Mid-Atlantic region, also North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, and California, with international customers in Canada and the U.K.


Why Aluminum Is Preferred Over Other Materials for Electrical Equipment

Aluminum is highly prized for its unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, heat and corrosion resistance, and its comparatively low conductivity. Cast aluminum electro mechanical wiring devices and equipment are often preferred over ferritic components in electrical applications, and often used to fabricate components that are now an industry standard. Examples include relay failsafe switches, enclosures, mechanical interlocks, receptacle boxes, plates and covers, heat exchangers, motor starters, and more.

While the process of green sand aluminum casting is quite old, it remains one of the most precise, reliable, and consistent methods to create metal components. ln aluminum sand casting, sand is compacted around a pattern in a mold. The pattern is then removed, leaving a cavity in the mold. Molten aluminum is poured into this cavity. After the metal solidifies, the casting is removed from the sand, blasted and cleaned with finishing equipment. Sand casting is useful for creating precise electro-mechanical wiring devices and equipment in a cost-effective manner, and Cast Rite ensures that all the aluminum electro-mechanical devices and equipment it produces through sand casting of aluminum meet its high standards for consistency and dimensional accuracy.

Efficiency is our thing at Cast Rite, and a set of state-of-the-art diversified manufacturing capabilities keep our aluminum casting price competitive. Whether large or small volumes are required, or large and small components, Cast Rite has the right production technique to match the spec. For example, squeezer molding can be employed for small runs of prototype parts, and automatic high speed molding for large runs of precision components. For components ranging in size from approximately 30—100 lb roto-lift molding is typically used, and green sand aluminum casting is also used for larger pieces. Post production services can include heat treatment for added strength, a wide variety of finishing processes, welding, and assembly.

If you are involved in the electric industry and are looking for precision cast aluminum electro mechanical wiring devices and equipment, discuss your specifications with CAST RITE and get ready for a new standard of excellence.