While the use of X-ray technology in the medical industry is widely known, it is also widely employed in other industries. For example, suitcases are inspected at the airport using X-rays, and a wide range of industries employ X-rays for a host of non-destructive testing processes, including the testing of aluminum castings. Cast Rite produces components for the X-ray machinery industry, and subjects its aluminum castings to X-ray inspection for quality control of its finished products.


Why Aluminum Is a Convenient Material for X-ray equipment

Aluminum is often the preferred choice for many types of machine housings, because of its ability to burn off heat efficiently. X-ray processing produces a large quantity of heat, and aluminum housings are employed in X-ray machinery to keep systems cool. Cast Rite works with many OEM clients to produce high quality aluminum castings, and works closely with their specifications to meet and exceed their industry standards for performance.

From the Mid-Atlantic region to national clients in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, California, and international clients in Canada and the UK., Cast Rite creates aluminum castings for equipment in the refrigeration, electrical, marine, and medical industries.

Our reputation relies on precision and consistency, and, at Cast Rite, efficiency is our thing. Founded in 1970, and working from our central location in Birdsboro, PA, Cast Rite’s diversified manufacturing capabilities allows us to produce high quality aluminum castings at a competitive price. We provide a range of different molding options depending on the component size, as well as the volume of components required.

For small runs of components and prototype aluminum castings, squeezer molding is available. For larger runs of aluminum castings, automatic high-speed molding is available, with additional pattern-making and core-making capabilities for mass production. For large sized aluminum castings, green sand floor molding or no-bake is typically used. Cast Rite’s post-production treatment and finishing services include heat treatment for additional strength, machining, and assembly services to enhance the fit and finish of the final product.

Discuss your specific requirements with CAST RITE and expect a higher standard of excellence for your cast aluminum X-ray machinery.