Cast Rite Metal (CRM) offers several molding and core manufacturing processes within our foundry. CRM understands that all projects are unique, and may require different manufacturing services to be most competitive. Please refer to below molding, core and related services.


Molding Capabilities

Cast Rite Metal offers customers several manufacturing options when it comes to producing high quality aluminum castings:

  • Automatic high-speed molding
  • Squeezer molding for smaller to medium quantity orders
  • Rotolift molding for medium size castings
  • Green sand floor molding for larger castings
  • No-bake molding and cores

Core Making Services

  • No-bake
  • Oil sand
  • Shell

Finishing Equipment

On-site cleaning, blasting, finishing and inspection equipment ensures the casting process is complete…and your job is made right.

Pattern Making and Storage Services

When required, CRM can build new wood, plastic and metal patterns and core boxes for your production needs. We also work with customer transferred patterns and core boxes. When patterns are not required for production, all patterns and core boxes are stored in safe, secure and insured pattern storage buildings — free of charge. CRM will keep a detailed pattern record for each and every one of your patterns here at CRM.

Aluminum Heat Treatment

If your casting(s) require heat treatment, CRM can conform to your metal specifications. View our Aluminum Alloys page for options and recommendations.

Additional Services

CRM’s provides customers with comprehensive finishing options, including: machining, painting, polishing and assembly.

Quality Assurance

Always a priority at CRM, we maintain quality control systems and manuals to MIL-I-STANDARD-45208.