Aluminum Alloy Chart

Cast Rite Metal Company (CRM) has experience in casting parts in a wide variety of aluminum alloys. Please feel free to contact us for assistance in selecting the alloy for your specific application. We have over forty (40) years experience in choosing and working with various aluminum alloys.

Sand casting with aluminum alloys has never been easier. Let our experience be your guide in selecting an aluminum alloy for your next aluminum casting project!

Cast Rite Metal Uses Only Certified Aluminum Ingot

Each individual aluminum alloy is a mixture of alloys in which Aluminum (Al) is the predominant metal. Various other alloys, including Magnesium (Mg), Copper (Cu), Silicon (Si), Zinc (Zn), and other metals, are used to create each distinct aluminum alloy. As a result, each individual aluminum alloy has their own distinct chemistry, and mechanical properties (and ranges) such as, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and other physical properties. Please refer to the cast Aluminum Alloys Charts below for chemical and mechanical properties for each aluminum alloy cast by CRM.

At Cast Rite Metal, we can help you choose the correct aluminum alloy based on your application, to maximize strength, durability and product life span of your aluminum sand castings.

Aluminum Alloy Charts

Cast Rite Metal Company works with a variety of different aluminum alloys to help meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Below are some aluminum alloy charts containing the details and specifications of the aluminum alloys we cast here at Cast Rite Metal.

319-F (PDF Download)

319 T-5 (PDF Download)

319 T-6 (PDF Download)

356-F (PDF Download)

356 T-51 (PDF Download)

356-T6 SPECS (PDF Download)

535 SPECS (PDF Download)

713-F (PDF Download)

713 T-5 (PDF Download)